Looking for Feedback on my Roblox Obby Game!

Hey there! I recently launched a game under my development studio, Galaxy Games.

The game is called Escape the Dealership! In this game, you work at a car dealership, but the evil manager has trapped you inside! You will need to complete all sorts of obstacles in order to escape!

I’m looking for any kind of feedback on this game, improvements, criticism, etc. Thank you!

Game link: Escape the Car Dealership! - Roblox


The thumbnail and UI are pretty okay. Although there are really some issues here:

  • You can see the map by just looking outside.
  • Duplicated Levels
  • The maze level is not needed.
  • Starting point doesn’t make sense, the character could literally go outside of the “border” if they wanted to. It’d be better to start in the building.
  • The real Car dealership levels are only 5-8 levels long (I don’t remember anymore)
  • Admin message
  • Level pacing is too short, you can speedrun the game in 5 minutes. (Max 10)

I think that the game was alright, just needs to be much longer. Being able to beat the game within 5 minutes makes the game less interesting, and I doubt anyone would buy any of the gamepasses due to the short nature of the game.
It wasn’t actually that bad overall in my opinion, and though the idea is a bit plain and unoriginal, I think the game would be fairly engaging had it been longer. It would also be great to implement higher-difficulty levels the further a player goes into the game, as the difficulty of each obstacle didn’t really change all that much.


Mk, I’ll probably work with my dev team on making the levels harder and making more levels. We’ll also try to remove the duplicated levels and replace them. Thanks for your feedback!

Alright, I’ll try to make the levels farther down more difficult. Thanks for taking the time to playtest the game!

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Seems like a fairly standard escape obby, although I did notice that you can skip the stage where the manager eats you by hugging the side of the road when the game tries to pull you into his mouth. This lets you jump over him and finish the obby without having to go through his digestive system (although you can’t use checkpoints as you skipped a number of the stages).

Interesting, I’ll look into fixing that. Thanks for pointing this out and taking the time out to play our game!

I liked the game, the only thing i noticed is that theres lasers flying in the air(this is not gta 6 obv) and the liquid on the floor looks copy pasted

in this part you can simply run throught the side
seems a bit unrealistic that cars can make invisible barriers but this is not gta 6 obv

in the stomach the texture looks repititive(dosent matter because this isnt gta 6 obv) and the walls look not perfectly made(it makes sense because its his stomach, and he dosent haves a perfect one)

btw you can just pass throught the center on his poops (the center of the stomach)
Add a checkpoint here

and i can see a void here(not gta 6 obv)

add a checkpoint in the end too

And this game looks pretty great, it just needs some fixes, and its short

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you spammed this four times idk but I don’t get the reference. None of these are bugs though.

yea bro but these things are feedback for the game(it isnt gta6 obv, dosent needs to be realistic)

On mobile, the buttons in the bottom right are inside of the jump button which makes it extremely annoying to jump.