Looking For Feedback On My Scoreboard UI!

This will serve as the scoreboard for Redshift: Arena, and possibly any other games that use my Unicorn Framework. Wanting to go for a futuristic-flat interface, and I’m currently quite happy with how the interface has turned out so far.

What is your guys’ opinion it?

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Woah this is really nice
You could try adding a sort of pattern to the leaderboard so it’s easier to tell rows apart at a glance

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Thanks, man!

How do the borders look in the updated screenshot here?


Very nice! Here are my two cents:

  • You should add some padding to text in the header, as it is way too close to the edges of the frame.

  • Like Might_Loopy said, you should add a texture to the back frames. Something like this:


It looks great in general, but I just have a few issues with the header:

  1. The ‘Capture The Flag’ text is too far left
  2. the Time and Round aren’t centred (on the Y axis)
  3. The gap between Time and Round’s headers and corresponding values is possibly a bit too large

I suggest using a slightly off black color and white. Rarely in design is 255,255,255 and 0,0,0 a good option

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The simple square black frame background makes the unique red/blue design not as appealing. I suggest making them two separate lists with different background frames which aren’t just plain squares. Also, the scrolling frame’s scrollbar image should be replaced with a custom one to match the design scheme. Other than some padding and whitespace issues, everyone else covered the rest. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe change the background frames transparency to 0.7 instead of a solid color. Otherwise it looks great, good custom images, good space efficiency.

Good job.

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The only problem with adding in a texture to the UI is it defeats the purpose of it being flat - which is what I’m going for.

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Here’s an update on the scoreboard, alongside the rest of the in-game UI.


Looks a lot better.

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Looks stunning!

Positive: Engaging
Positive: Organized
Positive: Themed
Positive: Visually appealing
Suggestion: I don’t know if it will look good or not, but try changing the red and blue shapes to ribbons that look like they’ve wrapped around the left edge. Have the ends sharply cut off (with the cut on an angle going from the top right corner towards the bottom left) and see if it works. It might not, but experimenting is always fun.You could also try using a larger, grey or other-colour ribbon for the top to attach it to the rest of the GUI. Maybe even caution-like coloured stripes (if it fits the game’s theme), just like a bee! owo

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I feel like the caution design at the top would fit the UI well. I’m not sure how well the ribbon idea would fit in however.

Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

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Your scoreboard looks nice, I just started making one as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I like it!

It has the old 1.0 UI theme I had going for my game’s HUD at some point.

Still though, it looks really nice so far! :slight_smile:

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