Looking for feedback on my space combat game

Hi all,

I took the “race” template in Studio since it already handled the headache of using a different avatar than the roblox humanoid. Then I shaped and molded it until it resembled my end goal: a game sorta like Eve: Valkyrie or Everspace where the point is just to participate in a large space battle versus NPCs and players. I tried to make the NPCs somewhat smart, using a math formula to calculate the lead on their shots instead of something cheap like ray hitscans.

At this point, I’m pretty much “feature complete” for a launch and only focusing on bugs for now. I invite your feedback on what you fine folks all think before I dump some Robux into advertising a bit.



This is an undiscovered master piece. With just a little bit more detail in the lobby and advertisements. This could honestly be on the front page. I decided to play it for 30 minutes and had a blast. It made me feel like I was playing star wars battle front. 10/10. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Just got done playing for a while. I really liked it. Great game! Just a few things:

  1. If the craft bumped into another, the whole screen would just go crazy wobbly and i would have to eject and start over.
  2. the lasers wouldn’t always work.
  3. The jumping sometimes would throw me through the roof, and a shift sprint would be nice.
  4. also, one of your models in the hanger has overlapping parts.

otherwise, great job!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Numbers 2,3 and 4 I think I took care of. Even gave a little sprint trail.

Number 1 has been interesting and you’re not the first person to mention it. That’s a big reason I implemented full throttle control instead of the original “go or slow down to 20%” settings. I haven’t been able to figure out with Roblox’s physics to not make them fling sometimes when colliding. Had the idea to try increasing the ships’ mass a ton so it’s more like elephants colliding but it’s a huge pain to counteract that with propulsion in zero G.

The alternative is to make ships explode on contact. Someone elsewhere did ask me if kamikaze attacks would be a thing…

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One time to catch the Saturday crowd. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated!