Looking for feedback on my streetlight system (+ their design)

Good day, I’ve been working on a system for low-lag better-looking streetlights in my game. here’s a video to demonstrate. Any feedback or ideas on how I could change or update them, including this such as how they look, the appearing and disappearing animation etc would be greatly welcomed!

important things to note:

A single beam instance was used per light in order to get the glare effect, however, when looking at different angles to the light the width of the beam is updated to match the width of the light, giving a 3d effect.

You probably didn’t notice, but the same script which deals with the light glare also deals with the movement of the conveyor belt beside the wall, and if you look closely you can see it stop and start when the player moves far enough away.

The script was designed to be very efficient, and when I created around 100 streetlights in close proximity the script’s activity wouldn’t go above 1%, and would stay at about 0.3% when none of the lights were in range.


Wow! Nice lights you have there buddy! They seem way too thin though. :smiley:


thanks for the feedback! I’ll create an updated model to try and get the thickness right

ps. happy birthday!

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I’ve updated the models, I think you were definitely right about them being too thin, thanks for the help!
(old is on the left, new is on the right)


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It looks awesome! Great job on the light glare by the way, these would look perfect in a night based game.

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This is very cool, I don’t really have any negative to say about it. Nice Job!


You should make the glare less opaque and a bit wider due to the fact that it’s appearing only when there is like fog or something.

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Yeah it definitely isn’t realistic, I’ll experiment with more transparent glare as you said. I’ll likely still include it when there is no fog (the game I’m creating probably won’t have a weather cycle), as I just think that it’s a cool effect. I’ll be sure to make it more transparent and only appear at night when the streetlights turn on however. Thanks for the feedback!

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this is great! is it for sale?

They are not available currently as I created the system for a game I am still working on. However if I discontinue the project I would be happy to give them away free of charge.

Wow! You’ve been working on the project for almost a year, that’s some perseverance.

I’ve been working on the project on and off for probably 9-10 months now, although sometimes I can go for a almost week without even touching it.

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