Looking for feedback on my tower defense game

I’m currently working on a tower defense game that I bought a while ago. The previous owner made 9 million visits and 14k usd in revenue before the game died. The issue is that the owner had a huge group which I don’t have, and I’m publishing it as a new game so I won’t start off with those 9 million visits. My goal before the game releases is to get my chances of it blowing up as high as possible, which is why im asking for feedback. I also want to know how much potential you think the game has.



Great potential here! I’m really impressed with the character effects during summoning, but it would be even better if you could animate the characters a bit more, as they currently just stand there amidst a flurry of effects. Additionally, I’d suggest improving the arrows used in the tutorial; the current design and color tend to blend in too well. It might also be a good idea to unify the GUI style across all sections. Right now, only the store and codes sections share the same style, while units, quests, and summon look completely different. The menu’s placement and style could use some consistency as well; it feels a bit odd being off-center and different from the rest. Finally, it could be helpful to add a counter under the buttons in the Menu GUI to display the number of Credits you have.

One more thing to consider is the option to skip the tutorial, as some users may not want to go through it. Overall, your game is fantastic, but there are some areas where the UI could use some improvements.

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Thanks for the feedback, currently I don’t have the funds to hire someone to make ui. I’m planning on earning some money from the game first and then hiring someone to fix ui/add animations. Are there any gameplay-related issues? And how do you think the game will do as it is now?

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I would suggest you add a few tweaks here and there in the game and then add a “2” in the game’s name. Celestial Tower Defense 2. Consider other titles such as “Revamp”, “Revived”, and “Remastered” too. I think that it’ll make the game look more attractive in general. People won’t just think you stole or republished the game, but actually made it better.

You can’t earn any money from the game if you don’t first market it, which costs a considerable sum of :robux_gold:, from at least 50K up to 200K, to kickstart the player base. You should consider finding investors first. Don’t buy games next time. The only reason why he sold you a game that made 14K USD is because he’s fully certain that the game is dead. He’s so certain that he doesn’t even care about hiring a few developers for a few hundred dollars to make a large update to it. Think about it. He, in a way, scammed you.

The game was dead, we already knew that for sure, but that doesn’t mean it has no value. I’ve done some sponsor tests and theres been good feedback. Considering that I’m rebranding the game, I can find a new playerbase for it. I probably wouldn’t buy another game yea but I don’t think this was a bad decision.

Celestial tower defense is its new name, like I said above, I’m rebranding the game and putting it in a new experience so its basically just a new game to everyone who sees it. Sure the tiny percentage who knew about the previous game will know, but its too small of a number for it to really matter.

That’s quite optimistic of you. The original owner surely had the same sponsor tests and feedback, but he still sold the game. I’m not going to insist on my view, though, since you can’t refund it. You just really have to deal with the lack of budget. Try to find investors first.

Since you have a finished game in your hands, you can consider giving revenue shares as compensation to the developers to fix up the UI and animations, like Jamesiboi said.

I already got the ui done, that was a couple months ago but things are a little different now. Also yea an investor may be a good idea once I fix some more issues. Also the owner sold the game because they didn’t want to work on it anymore, not because it died. It died cause of lack of updates not the other way around

That’s great!

Consider making a trailer film for the game (Recorded Gameplay + Editing), which may attract investors easier than just DMing people with a long text and game link. Good luck!

Well, glad you’re optimistic! I do hope that with the updates, the game can profit again.