Looking for feedback on my upcoming game Sponjees!

Hey everyone!

I’m currently a solo developer (i mean solo scripter, the building and additional assets were made by other people) working on a game that will be set to release very soon and I would like to hear some feedback from you all.

Play the game here

Be sure to enter your house, add furniture, check out the mall in the plaza and buy furnitures and accessories and check out the other buildings too.

If you find any bugs as well, be sure to write it down.

Thank you very much!


I can’t join on mobile, as it is not supported but I hope you add support for mobile soon! (Probably will take a while, next time I’m on PC I’ll see if I remember!)


This looks EXTREMLY professional. Awesome job! One thing I noticed though, is that the pet store give looks like it’s floating in midair.

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I dislike the decals and gui, it seems bland, or to uncanny for roblox, or the GUI looks like UI from a knockoff mobile game. The pet store clerk needs an a cycling aninimation. Looks decent though.

Also apperently this isnt a solo game…


I’m not crazy about the art style, but considering that Roblox is mostly for kids, I think the low-poly and flat art style should be popular with majority of players!

I think you might want to work on a loading screen of some sort, since when I hopped in it took a really long while for the game to load, and I was kinda confused on what’s going on until I realized that I couldn’t figure out how to play the game because the game itself wasn’t loaded. A different person playing the game would probably quit out not realising the game just isn’t fully loaded though, which is why I recommend a good loading screen.

The game itself seems to work well. It’s not really a game I’m interested in, but then again I’m not the target audience, eh? Still, really nice and impressive game!

edit: This time around I did get a loading screen! Weird! Well then there’s a bug that could result in the loading screen not working and that seems to stop the game from properly working too. I have no idea how it occurred though.

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Thanks for the input.

I was suppose to say im the only scripter for the project, the maps and buildings were made by other people.

Hey! It should now be playable on mobile, sorry about that!

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I’d like to start by saying that I wouldn’t normally play a game like this, so I don’t have much experience when it comes to the “virtual pet” experience. Nevertheless, I have a few points that I think you’ll find useful.

I’ll just list my observations in no particular order:

  • When the opening cinematic started playing, I was honestly disheartened to see a flat, square field composed of symmetrical plots of land in an organized grid. Simply put, it doesn’t look attractive. It would make much more sense to showcase the Plaza in the main menu;

  • As a whole, the tutorial is good, but could be improved in some small ways. The biggest thing that bothered me is how the tutorial explained what I could do with my house, but, instead of naturally guiding me inside the house, did a 180 and directed my attention to a completely different part of the game: namely, the Plaza;

  • Despite going through the tutorial, I was still a bit confused at what my goal was. I knew right off the bat, after checking out my UI, that I needed to get some… peanuts? Whatever the currency is (it wasn’t until later in the game that an NPC referred to them as “sponges…” a strange name for a currency, imo, but I digress). I was discouraged to find that there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to get any sponges. Hardly anything in the Plaza was interactable; I was expecting there to be some minigames to earn a few sponges. Hopefully, there will be more content like what I’m describing in the near future;

  • I really enjoyed the exterior appearance of the arcade building, but the interior looked a bit “eh.” I’m also not a fan of being teleported into an arcade game: something about having to be sent to an entirely different place for a minigame just feels unsecure. In addition, when I finished a minigame, I was teleported back to my house, instead of the arcade building. That was particularly discouraging;

  • Many of the buildings in the Plaza seem to lack any sort of advertisement, making the place feel empty and unfulfilling. As with the sponge-earning issue, I anticipate that this will be resolved as this game approaches its full release;

  • If you pay attention to this screenshot, you will notice that my (beautiful) sponjee has ascended to a higher state of being, and his eyes and ears are now separate from his main body (I’m hoping this is just a bug):

  • You seriously added a forcefield to the fountain? How do you expect players to have fun if they can’t screw around in the water? (jk but not really;)

  • That chandelier is captivating. I stared at it for like a whole minute before continuing.
    In all seriousness: I realized that you can see the skybox through the glass doors. This makes the store feel like it’s floating high in the sky instead of in the Plaza (which is probably the case anyway, but players shouldn’t realize that’s what’s happening). I would recommend adding at least an empty, darkened room where all glass doors are, so that it feels like I’m truly in the store.

There’s my feedback. I feel like the game is still missing something, though: something that will really define it, and separate it from all the other “pet adoption” games. Like an Undertale-style genocide route (JK). For a solo developer game, you’ve done an excellent job. Keep up the good work. :+1:

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I really like the cartoony building style, it gives a nice feel to the place. However, there were a lot of major bugs to be fixed. Here are the ones I encountered before I was kicked for “exploting.”(I’ll explain)

  1. As soon as I entered the game and it finished loading, the welcome screen stayed stuck and did not go away.
  2. When I tried to click on the buttons at the bottom of the screen, it worked the first time. When I clicked “exit” and tried to click another button, it did not work.
  3. I’m not sure, but I think streaming was enabled. If it was, you should make the radius higher because I would see half of a tree away in the distance, and that kind of ruined it for me.
  4. I don’t know if this was a glitch or not, but at the bottom of the screen, with the “sponge” currency, I had about 99,999 to start with. Not sure if it’s supposed to be like that.
  5. The pet store glitched out and did not work. I was able to enter the pet store, but when I pressed E, it didn’t activate the clerk and absolutely nothing happened. When I tried to leave the pet store after failing to get the pet store clerk’s attention, I found out I couldn’t leave because I hadn’t bought a pet yet. I couldn’t buy a pet because the GUIs weren’t working and the clerk didn’t work either.
  6. I was moving around the room to see if I could escape without using the broken door(resetting was disabled.), and as I jumped on top of a drawer, I got flung outside of the store into empty space, and died. As soon as I died, I got kicked for “exploting.”

Other than these problems, the game was overall great, and I liked the UI design.

Oh, and the tutorial never showed up. Not sure if it’s a glitch of the game, or because my PC is trash.

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Thanks for reporting the bugs. I tested the game a lot with my testers and i didnt seem to encounter some of these bugs that you wrote.

I’d like to ask if you have a fast/stable internet connection.

Also, i gave everyone a lot of sponges so they can purchase items from the stores.

my internet connection is good. It doesn’t have any problems that might affect gameplay.

Hey. I’ve played your game and I’ve found some issues, but what I did like is the loading time was pretty quick even though I’m using a pretty bad laptop. The flaws were; that the map was way too bland. I get it’s a lowpoly build, but atleast make the map a little bit more interesting. You might also have to improve your anti-cheat script because I had gotten kicked for “Exploiting” when all I was doing was jumping and walking (that’s my normal way of movement btw). I hope I help improve your game and game gameplay, anyways I do see great potential for your game so keep it up!

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As others have said, the map is a little bland. It also feels like a bit of a text dump at the beginning. I would make it a little more interactive. Maybe make an npc that tells you the stuff instead of just a dialog box. There are also a lot of grammar issues that make the game seem less professional (lets instead of let’s, lacking parallel sentence structure, etc…).

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The games feels very professional. Although there is a lot of small bugs, i can definitely see this being a front page game with some improvements. I recommend making the neighborhood have more curvy roads, instead of just a grid. But so far looks great!

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