Looking for feedback on new open world game (Blacklands)

Howdy all

I’m looking for feedback on my game. Basically, it’s similar to Apoc or DayZ. I’d appreciate any feedback, and also any critiques on first play through experiences.



Looks very thrown together, I think though I am not sure that I see many free models. Very simple assets are used, triangle terrain is being used which will have a huge impact on performance vs regular terrain, and content is extremely lacking.

If you ask me, this looks like a game with a broad idea that wasn’t properly planned for, therefore it could never reach fruition.

That is just my two cents though.

Build could use some work. Colors are too dull in my opinion and it looks super plain. UIs could use some work too. It’s just a black frame with half transparency. I recommend using different colors.

I really like the character creation and starter screen.
I felt bored as soon as I got into the game and looted the first 3 houses.
Perhaps you can make some Bots like wild animals or other “survivors” to challenge you in the boring spots. They could drop unique items and give you faster experience.

More things to do between the starting position and main towns.
Maybe a map indicator to tell you where you are on the map.

I understand you are going for realism, but some gentle background music would also help imo.

Overall, the scripting/intro looks great, but the modeling needs some improvements.
GUI seems average.

Would you be more inclined to be intrigued by the game if you witnessed some players in a fire fight on your first play through?

Apologies for ‘bumping’ but I’ve attempted to fix a problem new players are having

I’ve replaced the old mountain with new playable area, per