Looking for feedback on showcase Down Below

Over the past month ive been working on my builders challenge entry.
My entry is pretty much done Im currently just finishing up with moving around the trees and adding more vegetation.
Im looking for feedback on how I could improve.


Link to the game - Down Below - Roblox


Looks really good maybe add more Mushrooms and Crystals and maybe make the water more turquoise

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Looks good but I’d suggest making the lighting seem like it’s coming
out from all the vegetation. Good luck on the competition!

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The terrain has nice variety and definitely looks like a ravine. More trees and vegetation should help make it look more “foresty”. The island things in the creek are probably due to the water clipping through the creek bottom. You can reduce the size of the waves in the water by selecting the terrain object and then adjusting properties. Little islands in the stream might be a nice touch, but it’s probably better to place them where/how you want them so they aren’t so uniform looking. You might also consider using those mushrooms as an excuse to add more lighting variety to that part of the map. Adding some colored lights in that area (or increasing their brightness if they already exist) could help make it feel like we’ve stumbled upon a special area within the ravine.

Home stretch! Hang in there; it’s looking good!

It looks decent, however it could use a lot more lighting, mystical type nature like glowing mushrooms, weird plants to give it a more vibrant look