Looking for feedback on Tycoon game

Hi guys. I’m currently working on a tycoon and recently got it to a working state.

Tried to do something unique while trying to keep it simple. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


Wasn’t ready for this game. Incredibly good, dramatic, and funny first impression.

Main nitpick for me is that the white gamepass buttons on the left are too bright and distracting compared to how nicely orange the map looks.

What particular feedbacks are you looking for?


Main nitpick for me is that the white gamepass buttons on the left are too bright and distracting compared to how nicely orange the map looks.

Yes thats temporary, just threw it there to have something.

What particular feedbacks are you looking for?

mainly performance and issue with the buildings.


Haha, nice game!

I agree with @CptRedder, the UI could use some work. In addition to the gamepass buttons the loading in menu could use some work too. Just make sure all of the UI goes together with consistent fonts, sizes, etc. I like the sound effects you have, but I think an addition of more ambient sounds could really build on the atmosphere!


Performance wise the game looks fast, I don’t find any issues on it on my computer.

Issues with buildings? As in, small misplacements? In that regard there’s just this that I noticed (I’m still playing the game, can’t believe this got me hooked tbh lol it’s a funny parody of the Tycoon genre).


yes stuff like that, small gaps, issues with lighting, building errors etc. Glad you are hooked!


At first glance, this looks to be an excellent game! The thumbnails and description are quite appealing. After spending some time playing, I’d like to share my positive feedback:

  • The fonts on some UIs really compliment the game’s design.

  • I like the lighting; it adds to the overall experience.

  • I like the way you’ve done the fires, and I like the way you earn money.

Here are some things that could be improved:

  • Perhaps separate the buttons, add some colour, and update the font on the UI on the left side of the screen.

  • Possibly change the bubble chat’s font.

  • Sprinting with the “Shift” key would be really helpful.

Overall, I’m quite fond of the game’s design, and I even managed to make a new friend. It was a pleasant surprise to encounter you within the game, and I’ve expressed my approval of your experience with a thumbs-up. This game has great potential.

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Really enjoyed! Thought I would test on mobile. Some UI adjustments may be needed. Also accessing the leaderboard to view how many souls you have was a bit of an annoyance (on phone).

Great job!


The UI is definitely the weakest link at the moment. Thank you for testing!

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Nice meeting you. Thank you so much for your detailed feedback and time.

Updated the UI, not 100% satisfied but good enough for now

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Sick, the palette and simple style is great, especially the Gamepass menu UI, which looks almost like ink print mixed with lava.

Although I think the buttons UI on the bottom left is too large and “too” simplistic. For a Cult type game I would imagine some sort of worn paper style (at least the frame shape, no need for texturing) would fit best. That is just subjective though. I think the font should also match the font you use for the billboard GUIs and the Gamepass menu UI.

Also, bottom left might be an awkward place to put this UI for mobile players since that is where the mobile joystick is. Top right might be better (but it will clash with the Leaderboard, unless you plan to hide the leaderboard). You’ll have to experiment with positioning things around.

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Yes good point. I really like the idea about the tattered paper. I’m still very new to UI design which is why im solely relying on given GUI builder stuff like UICorner, Stroke etc. I’ll need to find a way to make / import tattered paper materials. The font thing is true also, i don’t know how I didn’t notice that.

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Working on the rebirth system, made a rebirth altar to fit the theme of the game more. Tried a pixel style, does it fit the game? it’s a little out of style right now but I might do more.


i think you should rename “achieve rebirth by sacrificing your soul” to “achieve ascendance by sacrificing your soul” otherwise cool game, i like the UI :grinning:

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I was thinking of doing something similar, but most people are familiar with the term “Rebirth” so I kept it that way, atleast for now. Glad you like the UI!

I dont really like tycoons, but this one looks SO COOL!!

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Rebirth update is pretty much complete, just need to adjust the gui and fix some sound issues.

New UI (Thanks for the feedback)

Also added a state menu that will show the stats of all the Gods

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Does searching up “cult god tycoon” make the game show up when you search it? without the double quotes.

Retextured Cthulhu. The gif is bugging out a little tho, check it out in game!!!