(looking for fix) Texture of Mesh Renders Weirdly

Hey! So I’m extremely new to blender, but I’ve been texturing this lamp recently, and for some reason I’m getting this weird shading thing with the polys on the top when I have the prescribed texture on it.

Here’s it without the texture

Here’s it with the texture

It doesn’t show up like this in blender, which is the strange thing. So I don’t think there’s any problems with that.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?


You’ve put this in the wrong place. I believe you were supposed to move this to support for feedback on the art section?

oh crap, yes, i’m sorry. i’ll try to fix that hold on

much thanks, i fixed it.

Seems like the UVs of those faces are either too small or they were placed in the wrong area of the texture, mind showing us the UVs of the texture?

You’ve possibly got per-face vertex normals, which makes polygon edges visible. I can see those triangles even in the Blender grey model. In mesh edit mode, you can try Mesh->Shading->Smooth Faces and Mesh->Shading->Smooth Edges

Additionally, you’ll want to check and see if the model has Custom Split Normals (see screenshot below), and clear them if it does (unlikely if you made this from scratch, very likely if you imported it).

Also visible in the screenshot is the “Auto Smooth” feature, which will override the mesh’s calculated normals and generate split normals only when an edge crease exceeds a certain angle.

I also recommend using the triangulate modifier to triangulate your mesh before export, rather than letting Studio do it on import, because then you have total control.

Lastly, if a mesh has really thin triangles, their edges will sometimes be visible in game just because of uv map distortions. Verify in the UV map editor that your item is mapped sensibly too.