Looking for full time clothing designer

Hiring Clothing Designers for upcoming group

My friend is looking for a full time designer, for his upcoming clothing group.

owner : @717zan
builder : @lexpsy
link to group : DREEP - Roblox

About The Job

We’re looking for someone who is experienced with designing clothing and can provide previous work from prior groups. It’s important that you are respectful and upload clothing frequently. We ask you to be 13+ years of age for this job!

We are looking for someone who can create clothing types like this, street wear etc. We want someone who takes their time on the clothing and not just rush it all.


The payment method will be you get paid per upload prices can be negotiated, but we’re not low paying.

Contact Info

Please contact zan#0717 to receive more information on the payment/ anything else you may have questions about! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day/night!!

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