Looking for full time furniture builder(s)

Hi developers! I need builder(s) I have no set amount for how many I need. 1 builder would be great, but if 2 or 3 are needed that’s just as fine to make me some furniture assets in my new game! The game is on a 3.5x3.5 voxel grid, so all furniture needs to fit within these margins, (ex: a chair can be 3.5x3.5, couch can be 7x3.5 to occupy two voxels).

The Job

  • Work to produce sets of furniture
    – Each set of furniture has chairs, couches, tables, lamps, etc…
    – Each furniture piece needs to be carefully crafted to fit said theme
    – Use Roblox Studio or an outside program. I have no preference, just don’t use heavy CSG
    – Appearance is generally medium-poly, but exceptions can be made for specific themes
    – Each set has about 10 furniture items

Here’s an example of what a furnished room looks like using the ‘Pixel’ furniture set. Couches, chairs, doors, walls, plants, and shelves/tables are items that generally fit into each theme. This theme is very home-y so a radiator and a bookshelf was added, feel free to add theme-specific furniture wherever applicable.

  • Use said furniture pieces to make unique detailed environments on a grid-based furniture building system
    – Design a room that’s publicly used as a social hub
    – These must fit large amounts of players
    – Environmental design is crucial. The rooms you create must be immersive

  • Someone needed to make a giant hotel
    – Building will be 20+ stories with just the exterior. Interior is never seen by the player
    – Building must be modern-retro theme (we can discuss this more in a 1 on 1 talk)
    – Needs some simple designs. Flags hanging out, a tower on top, some trees near the bottom, etc…

The Pay

  • Highly dependent on loyalty to the job/furniture workload
    – If 1 person does the hotel building itself + furniture sets + pre-furnished public hangout rooms then we could discuss getting a permanent percentage of game revenue
  • The hotel will be $100 USD (+ extras if done right)
  • Furniture sets (if done as 1-time contract work) are $75 each (willing to go higher in the future)
  • Using furniture pieces to make public rooms is $25 per room

How to apply

Please DM me privately on developer forums, on twitter, or email me genya12g@gmail.com to get in touch. Please give a short summary introducing yourself and give me an informal resume: what you’ve worked on in the past, your proudest build, and what you’re working on currently as well as how much time you can invest into the project.

This position is currently open. It will be closed when I update this thread.


Can you elaborate more on,

“Appearance is medium-poly”?

You say we can use an external program and create them via meshes, but you also say building them in roblox is fine.
What exactly is too “smooth”? Do you want to stay strictly with blocky, non beveled geometry?

Updated the thread. Looking again!

It’s been a few days since this reply, was wondering if you’re still contracting? If so, you’re welcome to add me on Discord! Boomae#1530

I definitely am. Please read the bottom of the post to see how to apply!

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Sent! Thanks for the opportunity, I appreciate it!

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