Looking for further monetisation tips

Recently I’ve gotten into monetising my game and I’m looking for the best ways to get my game out there.

I’ve collected the following data:

Now I’ve made another update with a new game icon (to prevent ad exhaustion). Now my question is how much should I spend this update? What should I prioritize? What formula/steps to decide this? I’m looking to be as efficient as possible so I appreciate any feedback.


You should probably try ads this time as your CTR is very low from the sponsors.

Create about 2 ads detailing what your game is about and run these for 1k each to see which gets the highest CTR and run that one for double the amount.

I’ve seen this idea in another thread but an issue is that shouldn’t games use sponsor ships more as it focuses on games?

Ads can contain groups, clothing and etc

While this is true to some extent… players will often skip sponsors due to them being next to other more popular games that they are more familiar with.

If I see an ad that displays a good render of a cool looking game then I am more likely to click and check out what it has to offer.


As an example for you, I found that my CTR was much better using ads for my random 1 day game project.

The ad was not clickbait and showed what the game was all about. A fun and wacky experience.

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0.07% CTR… Yikes
Maybe the thumbnail is unattractive? The thumbnail and title don’t really look that attractive to me, I personally wouldn’t click on it either.

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I know i’m late to this. But I feel like its better to only sponsor it on tablet and phone. Seeing as there are more clicks for the two.