Looking for game-map Builders


For a game I’m working on, I’m looking for builders who could create maps between 200 and 300 studs. The map should be accessible for up to 20 players.

I’d like to know:
-Your estimated price
-Your estimated finish time
-Detail Level

And of course your portfolio.

I’m not looking for real high detail builders, neither builders who just started building (sorry).

Are you interested, please contact me through the DevForum.

I might need in the future up to 10 maps.



I’m looking for people who build whole maps. Not single buildings.

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What kind of map is it and can you give an example of what exactly we will be building?

I’m sorry for not adding some examples. I’ve added a few (Edited post)

Im interested

Discord: ItsSaif_YT#8887

Looking forward to work with you :smiley:

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Interested, but need to know the payments. 6dark#4343.

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Add me on discord MarcusSaltus#8595

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Contact Me on discord (given in the portfolio)

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Thank you for your interests. I really like the artwork you’ve made! However, it does not match my requirements. I’m looking for people who are able to create maps with the size of 200x200 studs. I’m sorry. But i’ll keep you in mind for future projects!

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Hello, I’m a low poly builder and modeler, here is my portfolio: [OPEN] Low Poly Builder and Modeler | Buildings, Pets, Foods , Furnitures and More

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