Looking for game testers!

About Us
Hi there we are vvolf and we are looking for testers to begin please join this group vvolf - Roblox

The Team
@o_Guap - Environment Design/Builder
@Me - Scripter
@o_Guap - UI

You can see our progress so far here: check out if you are a tester! note the game has not released yet (10X!) Cleaning Simulator - Roblox

About The Job
We are looking for any kind of testers than can find bugs easily! you don’t need to be advanced or anything its a fun type of thing :smiley:

Our game release is might be by December 20th depending on bugs!

This does not require pay it is a fun little type of thing to do, to waste time.

Contact Us
If you want to be my friend on discord here it is but i am not gonna do anything else that talk thank you :slight_smile:
Discord: InterGalactic#5045

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

um ye i do not know who you get scammed from this i really don’t know?

oh and reply the bugs on group wall


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