Looking for games and showcases that execute the low-detail "studs" aesthetic pretty well

^^ Title. I’m looking for inspiration and guidance since I’ve never built maps before, and a simple, stylized aesthetic fits what I want/need for my game.

Is this something like you’re looking for?

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Something like that, but where the parts aren’t necessarily grid-aligned and where studs (or other SurfaceInput types) are used to texture walls, too.

EDIT: Whoa. This just got a little too dark for a kids game.


This might interest you?

I found this:

Good times.

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The ROBLOX group called “WIJ” and now, “The WIJ Alliance” utilized studs (I don’t know if they’ve been updating) if you want to look into that.

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I think this guy’s building style is pretty much what you mean;

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stratosphere settlement fits into that category pretty well.

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