Looking for graphic artist to work with on a sporadic but continuing basis

I need things like:

  1. Game icons
  2. Game carousel thumbnail images
  3. Icons for menus/GUIs
  4. 9 slice scaling GUI templates
  5. Character illustrations
  6. Story illustrations
  7. 3D renders in service of the above (maybe)

I am primarily looking for someone with illustration skills who can also do these other things (except the 3d rendering, experience there is just a bonus).

I imagine it will be something like 4 hours of work per week for the next 2 months.

I am willing to pay in hats or ROBUX and I will put your name in the credits of the game I am currently working on.

If you are interesting post some links to your work/DA page and I will be in touch!

I am very interested in this job, but i’m afraid i can only work with 3d rendering.




On the plus side, i always do things for free.


Wow those are amazing.



He uses the master race.

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I can design and render anything, heres some recent work:

I can also design UIs, but I’m not capable of scripting them.

And everything in my magazines: THEMMagazines.com/issues

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I agree, Blender = Master race.

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okay back on topic sorry

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