[looking for graphics artists]

[About me] I am a gfx artist making a discord bot for people to advertise people to make their own shops etc. It, in my opinion, is a great venture to help people expand it works by someone saying "; shop your name this could be the thing that lets you get out to the community and colabing etc !

  • Bjjepic
    (You may be wondering why I there are so many spelling mistakes well its cos I am in a rush ! )
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Hi, Iā€™m an artist, but not a GFX artist. Can I still apply?

Indeed dm me info in the og message

Please provide more information about the job.

What are we doing, how much are we getting paid, how can we contact you?

Please make sure to follow the guidelines before posting, thanks.

You get paid wot u earn its like this
its a platform sort of for you to branch out your gfx without having to give explanation etc.

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