Looking For Group Emblem [Up To 1000R$]

Hiring Graphic Designer For Group Emblem

I am in need of a group emblem, otherwise known as a group logo to be created for my upcoming Pizzeria group. I am looking for a good quality product to be made, as this will be used for all of our branding up until we decide to get a new logo, which could be a while.

I’m also looking for people who have decent experiences having made logos in the past. In addition to this, I am also expecting for the logo to be made within a program similar to Photoshop and/or Illustrator. I’m not really fussy on how you made the logo, as long as it isn’t hand drawn. I am looking for something to be made similar to the attached image below.

Example Image



I will be paying the creator of the logo a maximum of 1,000 Robux. You will be given the payment upon completion of the logo/emblem through group funds.


To make things easier for everyone, please leave some examples of your work underneath this post, in the form of a Portfolio (preferable), Twitter Link or DevianArt (less preferred). If you are the eventual person I chose for the commission, I will send you a DM on the DevForums and give you my Discord user to avoid being spammed.


(Message deleted, srry for the dissapointement).

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Hi! I am no pro but I can give it a bash, what is the name of the pizzeria? Also, send me your discord username so that I can send you it once done.

Please note to all applicants
Your reply will most likely be ignored if you do not include examples within your reply. This is needed so I can preview your work beforehand to make sure you are suitable for the task.

I can help you! DM me for more details!

Here’s a concept thingy I was playing around with :upside_down_face:

1000 robux is a low asking price for that kind of detail though

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So you want a hand drawn logo that isn’t hand drawn? I’m assuming you mean traditional (pen and paper), the example you provided has a digitally hand drawn pizza as the main focus.

Not to mention 1k robux (equivalent to $3.50) is insanely low for the amount of detail you’re showing in your example. I would suggest raising your budget, or providing more simplistic examples.


Hello I’m SquishySteak. I’m a graphic design student that mostly does 2D logos similar to those you would find on an IRL business. Most of my work is here, https://twitter.com/squishysteak.

My discord is SquishySteak#4922

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Just to avoid any confusion here - I’m looking for something in a similar layout to the original. I’m not expecting detail like the above example, just how everything is laid out, etc.

The pizza and the actual text on the logo should be the main focus, that’s all I’m looking for. I believe the price is justified, as I’m not expecting the logo to be super detailed. If anything, I’m expecting the logo to only take around 30 minutes to 1 hour for the amount of detail I actually need.

As for your comments on the hand-drawn comment, I’m not an artist and I’ve obviously gotten the comment wrong. I would like it to be created digitally.

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Still looking for a 2D artist?

If so, view my work here.


Still looking for someone to take the commission on.
Please reply underneath the post if you’re interested!

Here’s my portfolio, let me know if you’re interested @ThankfulPuffle#9639 (Discord)

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Hi. I sent you a logo for your review in a pm. Thanks for your consideration.

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