Looking for head developer. (%)

Before reading, this is a percentage based pay. (Negotiable)

I am the founder and owner of Hamilton County.
We’re a reasonably small game that came into existence during the lockdown period, issues in my community and personal reasons caused me to close down Hamilton County a few months after the first release, we had one steadily active server with around 10 players. But we’ve only ever had a 600 Robux investment. Recently I’ve brought Hamilton County back, but due to a lack of developers I had to pay R$3000+ for a small map. This version has a lack of action, roleplay tools and many other issues.

I want to be able to get a good community again, and grow the game. I myself am a scripter and have committed to providing the game with assets, but I lack a builder and other developers. This is why I am searching for someone capable of building, and helping me to make the game. I am unable to pay upfront, though I will try and pay with group funds when I can (This is a bonus like system, not confirmed or obliged.) So I’m looking for a head developer capable of building, who will receive a percentage of the game.



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