Looking for help with a terrain generator script!

Hello everyone,

Just wondering how i would go about creating a terrain generator type script. Looking for something that is lightweight. It’ll render “Blocks” which will also need to create hills, mountains, etc. This is something which im looking to learn to do.

I have no experience with terrain generator and need some help finding resources/tutorials that will help with this. I’m not familiar with any other programming code.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Maybe this is what you’re looking for: Minimap Creator [RoRender]

This is for a minimap, looking for a terrain generator i suppose it would be called :smiley: might have named it wrong in the thread…

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There’s a really useful tutorial on the wiki, which shows you how to generate terrain.

With that, I would also suggest using height maps which will help you create maps with hills, mountains and cool looking terrain.

Problem is that im not looking to make roblox terrain and more of a minecraft style block terrain :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aha, I personally do not have too much experience with that BUT… TheGamer101 has a blog post about something like this.


If you’d like to generate this using code instead of a height map you’re probably looking for math.noise. Math.noise (perlin noise) is how a lot of games generate hills and stuff.


Mate, if it weren’t a terrain generator thread why did you post this?

@Vanimion Because he is looking for a terrain generator…? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here.

In either case, the only thing I know about any kind of terrain generation are two terms being flung around: “perlin noise” and “procedural generation”. I have no clue what any of that means. Perhaps searching around on the DevForum may yield something useful.

I’ve seen some cool tips online about things like this. None of them are programmed directly into Roblox, but they would still apply.

I would suggest using a Perlin Noise function to get terrain heights and then using linear interpolation to make it smoother.

There is a cool YouTube video about somebody who tried to implement the Minecraft generation algorythm. Here’s the video:

You may wish to skip a bit, there’s a lot about graphics in there.


Is it something like this you’re aiming for?

The generator you see in the link above uses math.noise and the map is entirely loaded on the client and not the server which causes some problems but then again it comes with some positives as well, but read about perlin noise.
If you want to see an example of the code I use I will happily send it your way, that is if my friend who made it lets me share it.

Terrain generators usually mean that they generate random terrain in a game.

Also, why did you have to @ me? You could have just replied to my reply…

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There are tons of tutorials that cover some version of it online, although maybe not in Lua or Roblox but it should translate pretty well to any 3D engine. Perhaps you had a more specific question? You can google “Procedural generation” for resources.

Thanks for all the replys, i’ll attempt to do some research on Procedural generation and perlin noise in an attempt to understand it.

Yeah something like this, although alot cleaner without the random blocks around :smiley:

I’ll send the script your way soon and you can take a look at it, it is kinda straightforward so it should be easy to figure out.