Looking for Ic (interview center) builder

Hi there, (CLOSED)
My name is ant and legend hotels is in need of a builder. We have 137 members in our group. We are looking for someone to build a interview center.
Owner: flaminglips
Owners full time assistant: me
Co owner: sadrapps
Dev: you
Payment: 4K robux
must send past work to me.
Dm me: ant is typing…#5142

Add me @ 4w#0001 It seems you do not come up.

Add me if you wanna see what I can do. Bandelqs#5826

I’ll apply, I’m not the best builder, but I’m definetly not the worst. Add me at Dahrock#9499

interested!!! (devforum contact only)

It’s invalid maybe rephrase/ re write mine is: ant is typing…#5142

Nothing, here, try mine again DahRock#9499.

Didn’t work. Please add mine: bright#4323

Add me Umpire#8048

Interested! can’t wait to get in touch!

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