Looking for ideas and opinions

So since are close from halloween i decided to give a little taste of “spooky” to my creation.
Any toughs ?


It looks very clean and tidy for a broken down house. :slight_smile: That can probably be fixed with textures, but it looks amazing!!!

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It is very unique and it is quite a detailed build. I say you have done yourself an incredible product.

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It looks pretty good !
I would just suggest to :

  • add some spider web on the house to make it more “spooky”.
  • Don’t have exactly the same color on each wood planks.
  • Some vegetations to make it more “cool” ?

Just to say it again, it’s a really nice build. Good job :clap:

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Developing from RobxSoft’s idea, I say you should create custom wood planks. It has a much nicer effect due to the depth and texture. Cobwebs sound like a reasonable addition. Though the chimney seems a bit too “attached” if you get what I mean? A crumbling stone effect would be most effective.

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The house has a very nice design to it and i can see. It’s really spooky at the moment overall i really think the tree fits nice implemented inside the house, to give it that spooky Halloween feel to it and if you put this in the night cycle i know it well look! A lot more better featuring the different kind of details and decorations around the house. And on it however i would try adding some spiderwebs, pumpkins, lanterns, rocking chairs, vines, broken house parts, ect. Implemented on the house just to give it a more spooky kind of style because. I can see your currently making something that has been made in real life but it just has, vegetation and different kind of details all over the map! And if you add some vegetation around the area and other different kind of.

Decorations i would add some gates, dried trees, grass, bushes, gravestones, spalling chimney, those are a couple of details you could implement to your house. And on the ground itself just to give it a more better addition to your house i know these, details would make your creation stand out a lot more but if you plan on adding vegetation! Around the house and on the ground those are some of the variety you could add only if your, looking to add some on the ground but i, know it would give your house a more better style to it and i would. Recommend you add Spalling chimney texture to your house so it could look like it’s, been there and nobody lives there anymore just to. Give it a more spooky style to it overall you have done a great, job on your house so far! Hopefully you get the kind of spooky house! Your trying to make and if you need some ideas on the vegetation i would try doing something, like this seen down below!!

And then once the house is finished and placed on the ground you could. Add some dried trees and grass and other decorations so it could look, a lot more improved but if you add the details to the house and then add the variety around the! Whole ground it would look more spooky and have that Halloween feel to it just look at, the picture below as you can see it has gravestone and dried vegetation known as (Dead Variety) if. You add a couple of these details around the ground once you implement the house to the floor, it would look like this just with more spooky things and vegetation placed in different areas. Of the map overall those are just some ideas i would just try adding and then you could! Add some spiderwebs on the tree branches so it could look that that place has been, there for a long time as something as seen below this just to give you a more better, idea try doing something like this!!

Reference Image