Looking for Ideas and Strategies regarding in-game progression!


I’m currently making a round-based minigame-type game. You can learn more about it here. (But, it’s not necessary to help me with this.)

There’s one thing I forgot to mention in that post, though, which I believe might be crucial to the game’s overall design - progression. How would I go about letting the player progress in a round-based minigame-type game? How can I keep gameplay progression in mind when developing the game?

There could be different ways to do this, e.g. a level system. But how would I make that work? All ideas and opinions are appreciated!

There could be many ways that you could do it. Like what you have said the level system would work and each level contains like a rewared, for example and perks or accessories if you achievd that level. Of course I would say a shop will be good to be implanted in a game. It is good if you can provide a bit more details on how you would like the game to lean towards , like the theme of the game.

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Perhaps a skill tree? You level up and you gain a point that you can spend on upgrading a certain aspect (e.g. speed, jumping). The only issue with this is that it’s pretty much giving players who have played for longer a greater advantage over beginners.

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Yeah true, maybe a new player protection whould be added for those players who just started playing