Looking for ideas for story on a new, innovative, and realistic horror game

Point of insanity is a WIP horror game that uses almost all of roblox’s new technology such as lighting, physics, and design.

I need suggestions on what the second chapter should be about. But first, I must give you background about chapter 1.

CHAPTER 1 - The Dream
A high-schooler, who lives in Houston Texas, suffers from nightmares and hallucinations of places he spends time in being ripped apart and stalked by a figure. One day he goes to school to be expelled because of his bad grades. That night while sleeping he has a dream of a figure in the school. He has a urge to escape his room and go to the school to ease his tension. The school has been deserted and vandalized when he reaches it. He goes in and finds the figure in his dream chasing him around until he escapes, but with PTSD and anxiety disorder.


I have absolutely no idea for chapter 2 so please leave your suggestions down below. You will also get credit in-game for your suggestion!

Also I am looking for builders or modelers to help me with the project.

Have a great day!


Chapter 2: The Suffering.

After escaping the thing, he reports it to the police. The police come back with nothing. The next night, he sees it in his dreams again. This time he has an urge to go to the school once more, he reaches the school; the school is not there. Just ruins. You do not understand what has happened. You see it, and it finally catches up with you. You pass out as it screeches…


Kinda brief and not really engaging. Thanks for the suggestion! If you have any other suggestions let me know!

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I feel like there’s 100 million typos

Chapter 3:

You wake up to your clock in your warm bed as if nothing happened, as if it was a dream. Still confused about what had happened, you have a quick breakfast and head to school. Before you leave the house it’s implied through a news paper or TV that crime rates have gone up a crazy amount in the past 24 hours Throughout the entire day, something weird keeps happening; you had heavy amounts of homework that you were supposed to do and the teachers are acting weird. When going to the bathroom or changing classes, you might see a silhouette very briefly darting across the hall.

Being a human, you try to forget what supposedly happened in a dream last night but physically can’t due to how real it felt.

You decide not to take the bus home just because why not? Since it’s winter, the sun sets earlier, and because of that, it’s dark outside. This night felt different; it was noticeably darker outside, and the air just felt weird breathing in. The air smelled smokey once you got closer to your house; I don’t know how the player will know that, though.

Passing by many houses in your neighborhood feels like somethings off, none of the lights are on, there’s less cars than normal, there’s no people to be seen, and you constantly feel like you’re being watched. On one occasion, a recycling bin should fall over behind the player, and multiple times, a set of eyes should be seen through the windows of some random house for a split second.

When you’re about to turn left on the corner to see your house 80 feet away, you instead decide to run because you see the side walk is illuminated by what seems to be fire. You can’t be sure, so you run anyway. Once you hit the corner, you see two fire trucks in front of your house and an ambulance thrown in. You run as fast as you can to your house to make sure everything’s ok…

You see that there is no one there; you are getting really worried seeing no one is helping the fire you make the quick decision to run inside the house while carrying your water bottle because you think it can save you from the fire. You look left and right for your parents or siblings, but they’re nowhere to be seen. You kick down a few burning doors and possibly even a wall just to make sure they’re not in the house.

The players’ screen will slowly lose color and gain heavy amounts of DoF due to CO2. I don’t know if it does that in real life. Since they’re nowhere, you run to the front door of the house but as you’re leaving, a part of the house comes falling and knocks you out.

Chapter 4:

You wake up tied to a chair against a wall in some warehouse. Now what? You look to your left and to your right to see shelves over 50 feet tall with pallets and boxes and other stuff. These shelves are around 8 feet away from where you’re sitting and also the warehouse is well lit with white lighting.

You hop your chair over to the shelf on the left to try and rub the rope against the box, and soon later, you’re out.

You use stuff you find in the warehouse to your advantage. You find an expensive knife and an airsoft gun with 800 BBs. All you care about is to get out and get back home, even though you don’t have a home at the moment.

The lights randomly go out for a split second, and then a millisecond later it comes back on. Well, something not so good happened. The figure jumped behind you, so out of instinct, you stab it several times with the knife you found, and it screams. The scream echos through the warehouse, and moments later, it disappears. It didn’t die though and that’s what worrys you

you then do some stuff find a room idk then you fight some boss idk also add jumpscares throughout

I can’t think of anything else for chapter 4 because I’m tired…

Good luck with your game


Dang you spent like 1 hour writing that. Gotta commemorate you m8. That’s like a school essay.

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Chapter 3 seems…. Disengaging and it wouldn’t keep player occupied. Chapter 4 sounded like costco in a nutshell :joy:! Thank you for the suggestions i will keep these in mind as I develop the game.

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I should clarify that the game has a physiological theme to it. Where the player’s mind deteriorates from what he sees until he completely breaks down.

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Chapter 3 needs lots of work. I’m not a good writer, nor am I creative. You can probably add a kid who’s being controlled by the figure thing and make the player fight them in chapter 3.

Ah, I see. Camera effects and some story altering could be used to achieve this effect. Maybe even changing how minor things look and adding/taking objects from the scene could work.


I got an idea finally with my small dumb brain. Chapter 2 could be where the player is sent to a mental hospital (asylum) where he undergoes treatment for his conditions. While he is sleeping there he has a dream of the asylum being deteriorated and the figure say some wierd lines. Then the player wakes up and finds the asylum abandoned and the figure wandering around. The player decides to look for clues on who the figure is and why this is happening to him. He finds out that the figure is a spirit that is haunting him for a reason he can’t find out. Then he escapes.

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however chapter 3 may need a workover and my decisions on chapter 2 aren’t final.

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Why does this sound like a book?

The mental hospital could be surrounded by a large forest.

Once he escapes the asylum, he follows a gravel or dirt path because he thinks it’ll lead him to a nearby town. However, it being nighttime and the fact that his mind slowly deteriorates throughout the game, he loses the path and wonders for some time off the path and eventually gets lost.

He gives up hope, trying to get home and decides to stay for the night and try again tomorrow. Where and what he decides to sleep in is interesting, to say the least. He ends up finding a hollowed out log and a few large rocks to prevent the log from rolling.

Hopefully, you can continue the story and add more things for the player to do.


Reason: Repeated psychological issues

Figure: Clues indicating that it’s a zombie or haunted ghost from the underground lab under the school

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I so want to tell you what the monster is
SPOILER FOR GAME: The monster is his mind. Sounds wierd but I will elaborate when game finishes

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That’s true, human’s greatest enemy is evilness in self


The game currently has motifs of dreams and trama.

Chapter 1: Dreams of a place of safety.
Home is a place of trama and only at night are you able to see it in manifestation.
Is bedroom a place for him to try and escape his homelife, however it begins to creep in. So he escapes his room. He visits a place that, in his memories once brought him happiness.
However when he reaches the school it is nothing like once it what was, upon entering he finds himself trapped. Looking around the place is in tatters, the dead flowers and graffitied over mosaics show that this place was once a place of calmness.

With this basis of themes it will now be easier to construct new chapters.

Chapter 2

You’re mind is fraying at it’s seams. You HAVE to by groceries from the store, otherwise you will be punished. While walking to the store, the people aren’t people, you can see them staring at you. Eventually reach the store but it’s aisles seam endless, you spend the time in the store trying your best to find whats on the shopping list, trying your best to avoid the store workers and maintain composed.
Once you have collected all the groceries and head to the checkout the style of the game changes from a 3d game to a 2d visual novel esc game in which you need to communicate with the, the cashier. You will be forced to attempt to go through dialog and thought trees in order to finish ordering what you want. (It’s impossible to actually mess this up however it will seam as if you can loose if you say the wrong thing)
You go home from the store and quicky make your way to your room, dropping the groceries off on the kitchen table. You end up crying yourself to sleep.

♡CalMeJ♡ 6049#6049 If you wanna DM me a question

I’m pretty good with symbolism n stuff in stories so I can provide a lot of advice on this kinda stuff.

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Scopophobia. Sounds cool… Thanks for the suggestion!

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