Looking for insight on the best practices with Fusion

I recently started learning Fusion, but I’m confused about the standards, mainly in organization. I couldn’t really find any open sourced examples of using Fusion or Roact that I felt were helpful for me learning the standards. I feel like this sort of thing is probably more obvious to UI developers with experience outside of Roblox, and therefore isn’t talked about much.

I want to implement the best practices into my projects; including UI. I’m looking for insight from UI developers who know their stuff.

Here’s a screenshot of my component module tree:

This setup leads to me passing down props through components for it to get to where it’s needed, as well as things like this:

Full UIController download for anyone interested: UIController.rbxm (5.5 KB)

This just doesn’t feel ideal. Could anyone walk me through how they implemented declarative UI into their projects? I’d feel more confident with a standard ruleset to follow, but maybe I’m just being overkill.