{Looking For Job} Builder

Hi, i am maruiow and i am a builder in roblox studio. i was a long time player in many accounts, but lately i started building and now i am here to give services as a builder.

So I build terrain and maps although I can make smaller things and low-poly. I am sorry i couldn’t find any good low-poly builds, but I found these terrain maps

These are made with phone (pictures) so not that good graphics and I won’t be building like this when I build a map that’s just an example.

I do need a pit time but I’ll say that I am a guy who loves things that are made perfectly. I need information as specific as you can give

Note: I don’t work as a team I just build for other devs

Payment: this is negodable and I would like to be paid in Robux.

Thanks and good day!:grin:


Hey for better picture qualities either download Gyazo, or use the screenshot button in studio, it should be in the view tab, and then it automatically goes to your pictures folder on your desktop.

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