Looking for knife and gun retexturers | 1k-2k R$ per skin!

Hello, my new game Death Timer! is looking for gun and knife retextures to act as skins for the game. The skins will be of different rarity, tradeable, and have a unique kill effect.


The gun model is the gear The General’s .45
The knife is Bombo’s knife

I’ll provide the files below



Also here’s a gif of the inventory(I’ll take care of the icons)



I’m willing to pay 1,000 R$ for knife skins, and 2,000 R$ for gun skins if I accept your skin.


You can DM me here, or on Discord: Aidan#5128

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How many do you need and what type of designs?

my goal is 30(15 of each) the designs are to the designer as long some aren’t too similar to existing ones.

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So stuff like pokadots, an american flag texture, bombastic texture etc, along that line right?

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I’ll take it, I’ll just have to come up with a kill effect for each one.

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