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We are looking for another lead developer to work on the game Reason 2 Die: Awakening.

What we’re looking for
The game is fairly well organized and easy to learn although it would probably take a good week or two to get comfortable with. You should be able to code anything, varying from bosses to map campaigns. You won’t have to create maps or mobs, those can be created by contributors we currently have.

You may be called on to fix or create something on the whim.

You need to be able to learn how to implement new items into the game, code mobs, work with GUIs, and at least have a basic knowledge of image design. Any assets that need to be bought will be purchased by me or the game’s creator, so you won’t need to pay anything out of pocket.

Strong work ethic
We have yearly events that need to be made on time, sometimes you’ll have to work over time to meet deadlines. You also need to have constant communication and logging abilities so we know what you’re doing & what you need to be doing. You’ll hear constant feedback of what needs to be changed, added or looked at - you can’t ignore or give up.

We have various contributors and developers who create content for the game, you’ll need to talk to them as well to see what they can create; you’ll have contact with them on how you or they want things done (such as mob attacks etc).


  • Age: 16+
  • Experience: 3+ years of coding
  • Self-motivated person
  • Good communication skills

Extra qualifications

  • HTTP and Database experience

10% of total game profit (Approx. 400K robux per month, may be higher during events).
(Payment may be increased in the future.)

How to apply
Send me a message with your experience, games you’ve created (with links), screenshots of code (preferably your best work), game screenshots.

You can message me on the dev forum- if you can’t, you can send me a message on ROBLOX and we can figure out how to get in contact.


Hi, I want to work as dev, not lead dev but as dev, my disc is DoryShelby0 #3174


Is 40.000 Robux a month the actual pay?


Nah mate, 400k its 400.000 not 40.000


Even though I’m learning coding in my school, and I have experience, I’m 15…


I would love to get involved with the game, is there a way to contact you? Some of my work can actually be found on the R2DA Wikipedia, but I am best with Lua Scripting.

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Am a 3d modeller very experience if u need one link me on discord mate: TheBlackGOD#9843

10% pretty low for a lead dev for that amount of income monthly. Im sure its great for someone under < myage. Wouldn’t consider it myself for less then 25

400k means 400 thousand, which is also 400,000. The user is saying that you’ll be payed around that per month.

It’s guaranteed to be a big game. The pay well imo.

Dude it has 400 People Playing at almost any time. I am pretty sure that 10% Is Still A Huge Amount OF Robux

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Interesting. 400k Robux could be considered a full time job

You have to be 16+ for this job.

Hey, I would love to apply! Give me a message at aidanhateskailey#0639

That 10% gets you 400k a month that’s good pay

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