Looking For Mesh Maker (CLOSED)

About Job
I Am Currently Building A Tornado Game Called Project Kansas. We Have A Scripter And Builders. We Have Been Having Trouble Building Clouds And Tornadoes Since We Dont Have The Mesh/Meshes For Them.

The Price Is Negotiable (Im Only Paying In Robux)

You Can Contact Me On Discord (ProGamerYT676#3362) Or Twitter (@ProGamerYT_)

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Sorry If Anyone Tried To Friend Me On Discord But I Declined It. Only Did That Because Of The Pridefall event the is going on

I’d like to apply

Check out my portfolio here : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

And if you like it, add me on discord : Red1Monster#3623

alright ill go check it out, ill also friend you on discord

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