Looking for Modeler

Looking for a Modeler to help create objects for a story game. We need a few objects such as trees, lamp, flowers, basically camping stuff since this is going to be a camping story. I’m willing to pay (funds) if needed, however I’d like to give credit and pay when the game is booming.

To communicate with me, you can add me on discord or just comment down below!
Discord: unhalal#1850

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Hey! I’m interested but I would like more informations about the game. If you want to PM me, say me it in private message of DevForum. https://devforum.roblox.com/t/phitrux-translator-and-asset-modeler/532813?u=phitrux (Yes I can also translate the game for not a lot of robux if you want) I also want to know if you have a backup payment.

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