Looking for music to use as ambiences for SCP site

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Im looking for ambiences for a SCP site, ambience would be scary if you are in a sector with dangerous SCPs, If you are in an area with less dangerous SCPs (safe or sometimes euclid) the ambience would be less scary and a bit more peaceful.
The ambience would be peaceful when you are in area with no SCPs.
the sectors/areas of my scp site are:
Entrance tunnels, storage and maintenance.
Sector: 1
R.E.D.A.C.T.E.D. sector

My friend is a music composer can I get your discord so they can contact you for further details?

Ok here:
me are have hacks#4461

it doesn’t seem to work feel free to add her tho Rin ✨🎃 #4174

that’s my old discord
me are have hacks#4461 is my new discord account