Looking For Obby Builders [TEMPORARILY CLOSED]

Looking For Obby Builders

About The Job

Hello, my name is Tiny Gecko. I am currently looking for Obby Builders who can do a few simple stages for my game! These stages will be on the easier side and built on a baseplate that will be sent to me once finished. To mark checkpoints, just put a (12, 1, 12) platform. You can use whatever scripts for stuff like kill bricks and spinner as long as you know they are safe to use. I also highly recommend you keep your move tool as a factor of 1 to avoid misalignments.

Examples of Stages We Are Looking For

If you would like to add on some optional shortcuts for more experienced obby players too, you are more than welcome to.

Examples of Shortcuts


The pay is 10R$ per stage, you will be required to build at least 20 stages for payment but you may build as many as you would like to. You will receive the payment from either group funds or a shirt/game pass with fees covered depending on if I have enough funds at the time.

Contact Methods

Discord DMs: Tiny Gecko#0920 DMs are open so no need to friend me but if you do, let me know here so I can accept otherwise I will just decline.

Twitter DMs: @TinyGecko920

Roblox Messages: TinyGeckoWasTaken Make sure to follow me if you choose this method so you can actually send the message.

We do not need any more builders at the moment. Reopening sometime soon…


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