Looking for opinions and suggestions on my game Explode Walls

The Team

Caothic Studios is a recent game development group, for now a team of 2 developers.

@XBlueDiamondX10 (me) - The Builder and Founder of the Group
@Itsyourdriver - Scripter and UI Designer

The Game - Explode Walls

Explode Walls was a “quick” project with a simple and fun concept (the idea appeared while playing with Glue surfaces). I am looking for your opinions of the game, ideas to improve it as we should remove, add or change. I am open to criticism.

You can play the game here: Explode Walls - Roblox

post data: not a really serious game, but I’ve never seen a game that lets you destroy walls.



I really liked it! With a game this simple there isn’t much you can add, but the one thing I’d suggest is making the wall larger.


Yes, I think I should make the wall bigger, thanks for your opinion.


As the core gameplay? I guess that’s true.

This could evolve into any one of several directions. You could make the walls similar to “Get Crushed by a Speeding Wall,” and you have to blow them up before they crush you. You could go a step further from a standard wall, and allow players to explode buildings. You could have various kinds of walls (medieval, sci-fi, natural) and weapons (RPG, dynamite, etc.) and require players to be a certain level in order to access certain ones (that could even be a Simulator if you make it so it isn’t just a glorified cookie clicker).

These are all things I suggest on the assumption that you’re continuing work on this game. It’s a nice “‘quick’ project,” but it still needs some things added to it before it can be considered your everyday Roblox game.

Hope this helped!

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