Looking for opinions on my drawings/art

Hello there, I have been drawing since an year now. I make social/personal art and here are some of my proudest works. I would like you to share your opinions about my art style.

STYLE 1: Portrait (DETAILED)



I am open to constructive criticism and feedback. I am constantly looking to improve my art.
Thank you! :wink:


Hi CoolBoxguy,

I really like how you captured the catalog items with shine, sparkles, color, it’s really spot-on. I’d definitely say a highlight of your drawings are your interpretations of these items.

If I would make one suggestion it would be to delve into the clothing and give it more depth, most of the clothing is single gradients with some decals but little sophisticated texture or design. That might take things up a notch.

Otherwise, do you have a portfolio/are you open for commissions? I’d be interested if you were.


Thank you for the feedback, RedByDesign!

I’m really looking to improve my clothing in the arts I make (working on creases, shading and folds). So far I’ve improved on one of my weaker points, the hair styles.

I do not have a portfolio yet, but I will definitely make one here very soon. :smile:

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These are amazing! I really love the colour scheme in the bottom two ones. Really good work, keep it up! :smiley:

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Thank you.
I tried the suggestions and it has definitely helped me. Here’s an art I recently have drawn, a humanoid half-body of my RŌBLOX character.


Sometimes the work people do really staggers me but this makes me speechless…
I love this unique touch where you make these irregular square shapes for the background.

One or two really minor things:
I’m not sure if this is intentional but there’s a slight gap in your first graphic:

On the last graphic which you’ve posted, not sure if this green should be there:
As well as this pixel of green

But I’m being nitpicky because there is so much things you’ve done well in these drawings.
Great job!

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I’ll definitely try to look into such tiny things in my future work, thanks for pointing them out. I’m surprised how I didn’t see that tiny little pixel, haha. I’ll keep those in mind next time. :wink: