Looking for partnership for leading/managing Open Sourced Scripting Community

Who are we?

We’re Bleu Pigs, an Open Source Social Scripting Community which has been around since 2016. Our goal is to provide a social environment with tools to develop projects whether collaboratively, get feedback from others, or to just hang out. Learn more about us here.

What is the Partnership?

A bit of our back story
As the founder and leader of the community, my goal is to help setup an environment which is community ran. Starting early 2018, I began experimenting with the concept by creating a bot called PigBot, which fully automated our joining process and gave the community a voice in determining if a user showed enough potential and desirable traits (eg. not being toxic) to be a part of our community. Despite some bugs from being an experiment, it was a success. However …

I lack knowledge of how to plan out my projects and to keep a consistent schedule due to my daily life activities. On top of this, my previous job at Amazon has left me with RSI significantly slowing down my ability to experiment and unable to plan ideas beyond my head without fairly severe pain.

What would I be doing?
You will be at the same level of ownership I am, helping me progress in areas I either lack or physically can’t do for extended periods of time, such as:

  • Building a yearly roadmap with monthly release target goals and detailed spec sheets for services/tools
  • Gathering feedback from the community for desired features/tools
  • Working with the community to encourage contribution to our projects (all of our projects are open sourced)

Overall, the function of us is to help the community become as autonomous and community ran as soon as possible. You and I will brainstorm a yearly roadmap along with gathering community feedback. We will then set bounties on the services/tools to encourage the community to work with us.

What will I get in return?
Experience. This is an opportunity to work in a small but growing unique community which is being built as an environment to encourage the overall growth of a ROBLOX Programmer. You’ll gain experience in:

  • developing tools/services for ROBLOX and the web
  • working with various servers and Operating Systems
  • building a truly self sustaining community with little staffing/human moderation requirements
  • a valuable resource which you can access and reference to at anytime

As we’re an open source community, our budget is very thin and thus we are unable to offer payments of sorts beyond contribution bounties to our projects. As being a Co-Owner, your also welcome to help contribute by taking on bounties when possible.

That’s it?
No, it’s not. Bleu Pigs isn’t completely for the fun of it, it’s for a much bigger idea. If you help me organize and build out the software to automate our community and make it as self running as possible, I’ll extend the offer to have you join me in my ultimate idea of taking the final result of our work and selling it to third parties as a service. I have a strong belief that automated self maintained Communities where the members play a direct part in it’s operations will be popular as it would cut down on the amount of time needed to focus on managing and running the community. By the end of this project, the goal is for me to transfer 100% ownership to a bot which will enforce the voice of the community, thus me stepping down as the owner and being simply yet another member. I could leave for a year and come back to a fully functional environment ran by itself.

How to contact me?

You can reach me either by Reinitialized#5465 on Discord or click my Devforum profile to send me a message/find alternative contact methods. Please feel free to ask any questions/comments/concerns


Updated thread to contain additional information about what you’ll get in return. Should be a bit more inticing

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