Looking for people to help remaster sprectrem glitcher

  1. **hello there was an old script called spectrum glitches I want some volunteers to remaster it **

  2. there is a redone version bit even though the code is outdated and unoptimized

  3. i have made my own version but I don’t know how to add anything new rather I used what it had

so the goal of this project is to remaster spectrum glicther into something new
the final goals are better effects
faster code
new forms
new moves
and some original ideas I don’t want it to be just another edit

there will be no payouts
the reward is the result of your hard work

print("only apply if your long term")

This is not the right place to post this. You may want to move this post to Talent Hub or a collaborative category instead.

ok but here is another question how did you find this post so fast it has not been even 1 minute before i saw you typing
also this is my first ever post

also i cant use that category yet this was the most relevant one i had

Apologies, I think the category has been replaced permanently by Talent Hub. Feel free to check that out.