Looking for players to test my game and give honest feedback

Hey! I’m making a game that shows statistics on multiple games from the some of the top sorts, as well as some I’ve found.

I’m looking for anyone to test out the game and give honest feedback. Note: You can send feedback via reply to this topic, or there is a feedback button in-game (Click the “?” button at the bottom right of your screen. I see all of the feedback sent through that).

Remember: The game is still in its testing phase. Expect many more things to come in the future… Some may even be your suggestions! Also, expect bugs.

Game Link: Game Stats [Testing] - Roblox


Alright, firstly, when I join the game, yeah there’s stats but there’s nothing else to do. I’d probably stick around for around 5 minutes and then leave (me personally) after looking at the stats. I could really only see players staying to chill and hangout but that’s about it. If you wanted this to become popular, there would need to be more to do in my opinion. }

My next piece of advice is about the build itself. You could add more details such as trees and paths to each leaderboard! Similarly, I would change the water texture to plastic, a good blue color, make it a little transparent and then duplicate them under each other with less transparency each time till it looks like actual water. You’ll probably understand if you do it correctly. Either way, it’s overall not that bad, those are just some things that could make your game more appealing and enjoyable to play.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

One thing, I do not specialize in building, so the builds are things I take less time on, but yes, I will add more detail. (I do get what you mean with the water)

I’m going to add more things to do as well, just need to come up with some ideas.

Afterall, this game is still in testing so there is much more to come.

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