Looking for professional scripter

Hey fellow developers!

I’m MrGuest, the creator of Fantasy Village, a fantasy village game on Roblox. I’m looking for a skilled scripter to help me bring my vision to life. Fantasy Village is a game where players build and manage their own mystical villages, complete with magical creatures, whimsical buildings, and a rich storyline. I’m passionate about creating an immersive experience for my players, and I need a talented scripter to help me achieve that. im looking for:I’m seeking a scripter with experience in Lua, game mechanics, and UI design. The ideal candidate should be: * Proficient in Roblox scripting and game development

  • Able to work independently and collaboratively
  • Communicative and responsive to feedback
  • Passionate about creating engaging game experiences Project Requirements:
    I need help with implementing NPC AI, creating a crafting system, and optimizing game performance.
    What I Offer:
    I’m offering a competitive payment package and a share of the game’s revenue to the right candidate. message me For join

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