Looking for quest maker for Clone Tycoon 2 [Closed]

Hi, I’m Ultraw. I created Clone Tycoon 2. https://www.roblox.com/games/413424176/Clone-Tycoon-2

We are looking to add more quests to our game. The idea of these quests is that the player is teleported from Clone Tycoon 2, into the quest place, they have the objective of receiving a badge, then teleporting back, to unlock a special item for their tycoon. :comet:

Open the Spoiler for Images and Details about the existing quests

Quest 1: Planet i
-The player progresses through a 6-checkpoint adventure with a variety of obstacles including eyes that shoot lasers at you, jumping puzzles and a boss battle to finish. You can also search up these quests on youtube or play the game itself to get a better idea.

Quest 2: Lava Lair
-The player has to solve a maze, obby and teamwork puzzle in order to collect 3 keys to unlock 3 doors and get a badge. (As you can see, the building is quite basic and not very detailed - we don’t mind about this. It’s more important that the quest itself is fun and challenging!)

Your Job

We are looking for an individual or team to make a quest from scratch.

  • This requires both building and some level of scripting knowledge, depending on the quest :hammer:
  • You have full creative reign over the quest. It can be anything from an escape puzzle, a boss battle, a teamwork game, a wave survival minigame, or any type of other minigame.
  • The setting is outer space. This typically means it is on a planet, but could potentially it could be on a space station, or even just the middle of space where the user controls themselves with a jetpack, the choice is yours! :rocket:

Other details

  • It should take 5-12 minutes for the average user to complete the quest. :timer_clock:
  • The place is separate from Clone Tycoon 2, so you will not have to work around existing code.
  • Please don’t base it around jumping obstacles because these have been utilised heavily in the previous quests.
  • It needs to work on mobile and gamepads. :iphone: :video_game:
  • It doesn’t need to be super challenging, every player should have a good chance of being able to complete the quest.
  • The existing maps are both approximately 500 parts and 600 studs x 600 studs, if you need guidance. But as I said, you have full creative reign. It could be set in just one small area, as long as it meets the theme and criteria.
  • Include code to award the user a badge when the quest is completed.


The payment will be 50,000 Robux. This offer can be shared by more than one person if they agree on a split for the robux. Also - It’s quite a fun job so I don’t mind doing it myself if no one accepts this offer :slight_smile:

Please tell me if you’re interested or have any questions!


There seems to be a big amount of vague-ness on the scripting side. How exactly are we supposed to script it with your system in place? What are the exact specifics for the scripting part? How would we bind it with the game itself?

I’ve never played the game so I’m even more clueless.

  • The place is separate from Clone Tycoon 2, so you will not have to work around existing code.

They teleport to a different place for the quest, get a badge and teleport back.

I really like the free reign offered here. Also, a badge as in a Roblox badge?


If anyone decides they want to help, message me a general idea of what your quest will be!

Are you also looking for translators? Deftlock's Localization Service (Brazilian Portuguese)

This thread is closed now, I’ve found developers for the next quest.

More offers the same as this one may be available in the future though as we keep updating the game

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