Looking for reviewers of my games map, i want to make sure i nearly prefected it before adding the gameplay

Hello! I do not know the best place to look for testers, but I thought showing my map here could work. I’m trying to make a game that feels like you’re in a dream, and the main point of the game is low visibility as the name has obscure in the title. Here are a few sc, but I just wanted some constructive criticism for it. I only added trees so far, but all the other details needs scripts to add.


Oh are you kidding? This map is one of the most realistic things I have seen on Roblox! N-no, but seriously, it’s way too realistic. How long did it take…?

looks amazing. But, i want to say that your method of map making is not great.
I do recommend testing gameplay on a map layout before doing all the decorating and details. Other than that it looks amazing, your method of using sunrays (i think) looks great

Ive been working on this game for like 2 years💀. Thanks though! I’m actually going to change the map a little but not the lighting to make it easier to explore because it was too mountainous.

Thanks, funny i was just planing to change it up, it would be too hard to go around in. Thanks for the advice!