Looking for scripter (game simlar to treelands)

Hello everyone!

My name is Bacho and I’m a very experienced Roblox builder. I am very good at building terrain.
A few months ago I decided to create my own studio(named Gigaset) and start making a game similar to Treelands. I can build the game, but I also need a scripter that can bring everything to life!
I’d like to find someone who will work WITH me and not FOR me.
Money is not my main goal here so whatever money we make, the scripter will take 60% of the profit and I will take only 40%.
Also, here is a link to my portofolio: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/312049

So, if you are a scripter and you are interested to work with me, then dm me on discord. (bondo#2436)
Thanks and have a nice day

i dont need a pay, contact me by disc : Totoband#0135 if u cant email : pintotom4@gmail.com

I am open here is my portfolio My (PORTFOLIO) I specialize in everything My discord is Developerboi#1682

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