Looking for Scripter: New Game

Howdy! I’ll make this as brief as I can. I’m looking for a scripter to partner up with on an upcoming game.

Game details
The game we’ll be creating is a tycoon/RPG hybrid. You’ll be living in a central town with other players. The players will have a home in which to privately store their things. They will be able to leave this safe zone to delve into dungeons with their friends. Whether or not there will be a PvP area between the safe zone and the dungeons, and whether or not the game will be a sci-fi, post-apocalypse, or fantasy is still up for debate. There are many smaller details that have been purposely left out here. You must be able to:

  • Script with Roblox’s data storage system as well as keep track of data in the form of personal items as they are created, edited, and saved.
  • Create scripted events (switches, firing weapons, etc.)
  • You must also have a passion for this particular game concept.

Creation details
Here’s where things get tricky. My primary project will be the game shown in the picture below. As the head scripter, you and the team of builders I have assembled will receive most of the profit from the group. I will receive a percentage for supervising the project. These percentages will be agreed on based on who does what. I have a list of scripting goals laid out. Once a whole section is complete (of which there are 5), you’ll receive anywhere between $30 and $100. You will only receive the full percentage profit if you complete all the goals and stick around for damage control, bug fixing, and upgrading.

Anyway, this is a pretty specific mold for a project, however the exact design and details are up for debate. If you’re interested in this, send me a message or reply here!

If @Boonite allows me to work on both games(Flight and this one), I’ll be happy to work as a scripter here.

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Sweet, let me know sometime. My Skype is chadmandudeguy

Sure, I guess!

Sent a request.

Thanks @Boonite :smiley:

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It might be a french language request , sorry xD

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