Looking for Scripter

About Us

Hello, we’re hiring a scripter for Dawn of Conflict.

@Kalikav - Project Manager (Builder)
@HehnKlaus - Builder
@Sonsetz - Builder

If you want to see progress, join our discord.


We already have a class system but we will probably need objectives and maybe a spawn script, just possible modifications based on the system already built.

Main Menu
Objective System
Spawning System
Class System
Character Customization System
Minor scripting (like vehicle scripts or something that probably won’t take too long?)
Also editing some scripts we currently have.


The price can be negotiated, we expect to make profits from this game so you can probably be paid later with that. Of course, we have some ready for payment when necessary.
Around 500 ROBUX (starting price) per goal completed (4 goals) which also is depending on the quality of the script.

Contact Us

Contact Dude first, if he’s offline contact me. (HehnKlaus#6661)

You must be 13 years or older to apply.