Looking for scripters (AOT GAME)

Hey I’m thephantomtrap and I own a group called the 104th Titan Legion. We are working on an Attack on Titan game called the 104th chapter. Currently we are in the process of making titan and ODM gear, now, that’s where you come in. We need a scripter who is able to make a script for ODM gear, pretty simple, but if you are able to stay for the long run and help with other parts of the development that’ll be fantastic.

Here’s a few pictures of our work:


Ragako village:

(Still in progress) Whole map:

ODM Gear (Made by my modeller Bam):

So what’s the payment? Good question, lemme tell you. I will be doing payment only in robux and I’ll be willing to negotiate prices, you will be payed per asset and once the game is finished I will divide percentages to all my workers.

SO, if you want to help then why not join the community and ping me a message via Discord. Oh and if you want to join the Roblox group and play the game (Bearing in mind it’s just the map for now) then feel free.

With that being said have a good day and i hope to see you soon.

Discord: AOT 104th titan legion

Group: 104th titan legion - Roblox

Game: Under Development || AOT the 104th chapter - Roblox


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