Looking for scripters for my cafe

I need a scripter for my game/cafe.

About the job

150 robux- I need a system to give drinks away, for example if I click on a drink it puts up a GUI saying “Would you like to claim [drink name]?” and gives an option as “Yes or No” if the user clicks “Yes” it add the drink to their inventory and if clicked “No” then it would not add the drink to their inventory.

200 robux - I also need a system where a player can giveaway the item. For example: A user has a drink/item equipped and is holding the item/drink if they have a high enough rank they can click another user and a GUI will pop up saying "Do you want to give [User that was clicked on] a [Drink Name]

Thank you for your time.

If you are interested message me on discord AbicolCity#3211


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