Looking for scripting tutor or ui designer tutor or thumbnail designer tutor

About Us

Hi there! Im looking for ui tutor or thumbnail designer or scripting tutor because i want to learn those for my upcoming game i could hire but i cant find any trusted ones

About The Job

Scripting Tutor

- Im looking for a scriptor who knows everything and will teach me like pdf files or explanation and no video calls or call tutoring please

UI designer Tutor

-Im looking for ui designer who does all work in pixlr and know how to do glossy effects or some good effects

Thumbnail designer Tutor

-Im looking for thumbnail designer who knows all good matching theme fonts and know hows to use or add effects and must be in pixlr


Free-700 robux im broke

Contact Us

**You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord ProWolfie#4051 **


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