Looking for somebody to make decent roads

I am looking for somebody who is able to make good, realistic roads for a game called « Garland ». I expect lanes, road signs, and street lights. The streets should be realistic and vary in hills and turns.



This job is long term, I’m looking for builds in the future (roads) so it’ll be a long term job. If you can do builds it will increase the payment.

10% of revenue is what we’re offering.

If you’re interested add me on discord


Still hiring! Contact me!


@minecraftcena11 you contacted me, can’t reply for some reason. Add me!

Weird, how about you try again, I might’ve of fixed it.

The job has changed. We are now looking for somebody creative to make a small town lay out (roads) using the plug-in https://www.roblox.com/library/4846074825/Roads-Plugin-Beta-0-4 made by @paricdil . You’ll be simply making roads, however I’m looking for fun stuff in it too! Hills, curves, and more. Same payment included.