Looking for someone to draw my avatar! [Open]

My name is splxhy.
I am a fellow developer on this wonderful platform known as ROBLOX.
As of right now, I am looking for an artist to draw my ROBLOX avatar for my discord profile.

Pricing: I will be willing to pay upwards of 500-600 ROBUX.
Prices may vary depending on specifications and other details. Though, that price may be negotiable.

Specifications/Examples: I would like a sort of 3D-type drawing of my said avatar. Including just my head and shoulders. There is no need for a background, it can be a solid color or some basic color scheme with geometric shapes in the background.
Anywho, here are some examples of what I would be expecting/requesting:

Something around that style of drawing and sort of style.

Thank you for reading, in case you are interested you can contact me two ways…

Simple PM/DM me here on Devforum.

If you need any more details before you decide to possibly take this position, you may comment on this post and I will most likely respond to every one of them.


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