Looking for someone to script a clothing GUI 《Closed while reviewing applicants》

About Me

Hi there! Im looking for a Scripter.

About The Job

We are looking for a Scripter to create a clothing GUI
The clothing GUI must have the following features

  • Rank based clothing, only members of certain groups and certain ranks can use them
  • Must include the clothing and accessories I provide
  • Must have a section for each thing, one section for clothing, one section for accessories etc
  • The accessories must place on their head


We are paying a percentage since I don’t have much robux left to spend on extras. I can give 5-10 percent depending on workload (upper 5%) I can also provide a small robux Payment after completion. Around 500 via t shirt.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum

Thanks for reading! :smile:

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I can make this for you but I just need more info on discord


Still open! Payment can be negotiated.

Still open. Reviewing current applications so you can still apply. Payment is negotiable

Hi, regarding the 30 assets what exactly do you mean by that? Like are you looking for mesh hats, small builds, scripts, clothing etc? And is that part of the job or a separate one? I think you should specify in your post what the assets are exactly and if that is part of the programmers job to create them for the full pay.

Sorry. That was leftover from the Template lpl. I’ll fix that

Also. I provide the assets but the Scripter must make them wearable and apply them to the users avatar via gui button that only works for certain ranks

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